Pallet Rack Systems That Excel in Demanding Environments

Pallet rack storage systems are found in many warehouses and other places where large collections of products or materials must be kept. By making it easy to load, store, and select particular pallets, they help make the most of space devoted to such activities.

Galvanized Pallet Rack systems offered by companies like Red Steel Manufacturing combine long-wearing ruggedness with high levels of functionality. A look at the products offered at a website like will make this clear.

Two Especially Versatile Pallet Rack Designs

There are many different types of pallet racks, but the simplest among these are the most common. Companies like Red Steel typically sell more of two specific styles of such racks than any others:

Selective. Appearing much like everyday, freestanding bookshelves in their basic design, selective-style racks are by far the most common of all. Selective racks are extremely affordable relative to what they have to offer, while also being fairly easy to work with. Because they can typically be installed without much needed for previous preparation, selective racks can also be easily used to set up temporary storage space. While they do not necessarily maximize capacity or throughput the way that more complex, specialized rack systems might, the straightforward, versatile nature of selective racks combines with their affordability to make them extremely popular.

Cantilevered. The other most common pallet rack design is simple in its own way, as well. Instead of the four feet that define each section of a selective-style rack, those of cantilevered design stand on only two. With arms reaching forward from vertical spines in the back, racks like these are especially well suited to be positioned against walls. Angular reinforcement improves the capacity of each resulting shelf, allowing cantilevered racks to host impressive loads relative to the amounts of material used to construct them. Once again, racks of this basic design also tend to be very affordable, making them even more appealing.

Tough, Rugged Pallet Racks That Always Perform Well

In most environments where they are found and used regularly, pallet racks are required to withstand significant stresses and wear. The top manufacturers of such systems do everything possible to provide clients with products that will hold up well through many years of intense, demanding use.

Using rugged, galvanized steel to build pallet racks, for example, keeps it both strong and resistant to rust or other forms of deterioration. As a result, the owners of such systems can rely upon them with confidence for a long time to come.


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